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We’re a team of data nerds, and we truly love the challenge of making data collaborative and synchronized across data teams.

Having come from fragmented and inefficient data teams, our mission at Sherloq is establishing a collaborative and aligned data culture from the bottom up, where all data teams are fluent in one language.

We believe our product speaks for itself, and we’re driven by creating a product people love.

Fun Fact – At Sherloq we use Sherloq as our data management platform 🙂

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Our success relies on sharing and reflecting every bit of knowledge,feedback, or opinion that our users, partners or we ourselves have.


There is a solution to every problem. It's not a question of "if", but "how", and we believe open-mindedness and positivity can work wonders.


It’s not enough getting the job done, but making the most out of our time. As we strive to make our users' lives more efficient, we aim to do the same for ourselves.


Everyone has their own edge and brings their own piece to make the full picture

Our values

At Sherloq, we believe that success is based on a number of values that form the foundation of the company.

The importance of adopting values and living them can be seen not only in the workplace but also in our everyday lives.

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Honesty - Blah Blah honesty is important for us

Love - Love for love We are a group of self-confessed data nerds, we have come from the trenches of fragmented data teams and have experienced the obstacle and inefficiencies that ensue.


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