Frequently Asked Questions

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Sherloq is a SQL-centric collaboration platform for data users on their existing workspaces.
Sherloq creates an automatically shared knowledge-base for the data team based on their data and business needs.
Our goal is to help you find, understand, and manage your data more effectively, as well as synchronize and unify your data teams.

You’re tired of searching for a good query that you saved or even didn’t save?

Can’t find where your data is held?

Know there are similar queries which are not being shared with your data team?

Wasting a lot of time trying to find out who is the owner of the table?

Don’t know what are the best practices of this analysis?

If you answered yes to any of these – Sherloq is for you!

Sherloq is a simple add-on that integrates with the most popular of query editors.

After downloading Sherloq here, you can immediately begin using Sherloq without integrating your database. You start creating your own queries repository.

With our unique technology, we create an automatically-updated database that enables you and your colleagues to gain insight into the data assets and their usage.


Getting Sherloq is a really simple process that takes roughly three minutes depending on which query editor you’re using.

To get started, get Sherloq here and go to your editor’s right side to see the Sherloq menu.

The full platforms and integrations pipeline can be found here.

It’s free forever!

Sherloq add-on has been made available to early adopters due to our beta version.

It’s no problem. If you want to leave at any time, there’s no commitment to Sherloq and no payment details required.

We would like to hear from you!
You can reach us through the messaging platform on the web or via hello@sherloqdata.io

Security & Privacy

No. Sherloq add-on integrates with query editors only.

Database permissions are not required, and your data will not be exposed to Sherloq.


Since Sherloq doesn’t require database integration and our privacy policy allows you to work with no fear with your queries, you can start using Sherloq immediately.

No. Your data is not accessed by Sherloq.
In our analysis, we only use metadata that has been obtained from your query editor.

Sherloq complies with all privacy and security policies required today, as well as the strictest standards, including cyber threats.

The full privacy policy can be found on the privacy policy page.

Of course. Sherloq is only with a read-only permissions.

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