Finally, your data is accessibleconsistentunifiedcollaborative

Finally, your SQL is

accessible consistent unified collaborative

One Source of Truth for Your SQL

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#1 in 2022 for Data & Analytics in the Product Hunt Award

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Get answers
to specific questions

When you have an ad-hoc question that needs a quick answer, skip asking your data analyst and ask June AI.



Share insights with
saved queries

Anybody can save a query they found useful. This way your entire team can discover helpful insights together.

Don't Change Your Habits,
No integration needed.

Sherloq integrates with your existing data stack, and our plug-in sits on top of your existing query editor so we always catch you where you are.

Collaborative SQL repository

Find and reuse your team’s most relevant queries. Save, share, tag, create folders and versions for you SQL work.

Snippets & Productivity

Stop writing repetitive code and reuse your colleagues’ work. Use easy snippets to enhance your productivity directly in your IDE.


Your data security is our priority.

With no access to your data and no integration needed, Sherloq is SOC2 Audit certified. Read our privacy policy and security guidelines here.

Sherloq for Enterprises

Manage your metadata it all in one place

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Senior Data Analyst
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”Hey @channel, I want to encourage you to start using Sherloq to improve our knowledge base in Athena. In just a few clicks you can create meaningful information that can help other analysts who don’t know much about a certain table.”
Director of Data Analysis
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"You are doing a great job and we are happy to use your platform every single day!"
BI Developer
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“Sherloq makes my daily job much easier and helps me focus on the most important things”
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